On Perspective

Rather than cognitive and computer scientists needing to develop more advanced machines, according to Murray, we instead need to develop more advanced writers, writers unafraid of multimedia technology, writers undaunted by collaborative, nonlinear environments, writers flexible enough to create an entire virtual world rather than the linear textual representation of the world. [1] Now replace… Continue reading On Perspective



Buy. This. Game. Stop reading right now, go down to your local supermarket or game retailer and buy it. Buy it and play it - you don't need me to tell you anything else than that, really, but if you're still unconvinced, then I'm happy to give you a piece of my mind... Stealth games.… Continue reading Dishonored

Skyrim – The Beginnings…

Initially I had no intention to pre-order┬áSkyrim, the new Elder Scrolls game. Fact was, I hadn't any money - I'd spent it all on a trip to see a close friend of mine in a far away city consisting of ring roads, horrible concrete buildings and lots of construction work. Things didn't go to plan.… Continue reading Skyrim – The Beginnings…