I Watch People Playing Videogames

... which is apparently a weird thing to do, according to a popular American comedian who has his own show in the US. I keep a keen eye on the Kotaku UK site for gaming news and deals and such, and chanced upon the articles discussing Kimmel's criticisms and subsequent YouTube backlash, and the whole… Continue reading I Watch People Playing Videogames


A Few N3rdabl3 Bits

I've been writing for n3rdabl3 for some time now; news stories here and there, a couple of reviews and an odd opinion piece. I realised the other day that I haven't actually said much about it here on the blog (though I throw it about social media all the time) which is a little strange… Continue reading A Few N3rdabl3 Bits

Morrowind: Day 2

Caius Cosades gives me some money and tells me to buy some new armour, weapons and clothing, so I take his money and put it deep inside my pockets. His coin will not be seeing the sun anytime soon. He gives me a quest and sends me on my way but it's early days yet,… Continue reading Morrowind: Day 2

Morrowind: Day One

The first thingĀ  want to say is that yes, I have played this game before. The second thing I want to say is that it's probably been about 6/7 years since I last played this game. I had a realisation the other day when arguing that Morrowind is better than Skyrim that it really has… Continue reading Morrowind: Day One