Novel Progression, the New Year, and a New…

2017 is so last year. 2018 is where it's at. We're only a day into the new year and I'm dangerously optimistic already. You see, I've given myself one of those 'resolution' things. I don't often do them, but this time I thought, 'what the heck'. Let's jump on the bandwagon. So I'm going to… Continue reading Novel Progression, the New Year, and a New…


The Magic of Markdown: Using Markdown for Creative Writing

Choose Your Weapon: Large projects can be a pain in the arse. You'd think that working on a novel wouldn't be all that difficult - you plan, you write. Couldn't be simpler. Except, the world doesn't make it that easy. Here's an example; you choose to use Google Docs as your writing 'platform'. You've done… Continue reading The Magic of Markdown: Using Markdown for Creative Writing

Kurt Sutter and Character Driven Drama

My significant other and I made a deal a few weeks ago. We would watch The Shield together (which she had seen in its entirety, and I had watched none), and then The Wire (which I had seen almost in its entirety, and she had struggled to get into). It was a deal. We started… Continue reading Kurt Sutter and Character Driven Drama

The Trouble with ‘Episodic Reviews’

or, How Bad Critics and Terrible Practices by Papers and Websites is Damaging Valuable Criticism After finishing the latest episode of HBO's hit, Game of Thrones my girlfriend and I exchanged concerned glances. I felt it was an 'alright' episode, and Nata's view was much the same. We chatted at length about the needless battle… Continue reading The Trouble with ‘Episodic Reviews’

Writing – It’s Not a Race. Find Your Pace and Stick to It.

There are various subreddits on reddit dedicated to the process of writing. As a recent convert to reddit (I say recent, it's been months now) I've lurked in the background, reading others posts and generally getting a feel for this subreddit and others. In this short time I've noticed something rather interesting. There is a… Continue reading Writing – It’s Not a Race. Find Your Pace and Stick to It.

Clipping the Hobby Tree – Back to Basics

I recently learnt that hobbies can be difficult things. I like things, quite a lot of things. I particularly enjoy writing - the act of writing - and this started to become problematic. There is so much to write about out there in the world. Books, films, games, politics, history, hiking and walking... and I used… Continue reading Clipping the Hobby Tree – Back to Basics

Recent Articles Posted on n3rdabl3

I’ve been writing articles for n3rdabl3 over the past few months and generally, whilst good at sharing these posts out via Twitter and the like, I’m appallingly bad at writing them up as a post here on my own site. That’s likely a side effect of the sharing culture we’ve developed today - when you’re… Continue reading Recent Articles Posted on n3rdabl3

A Walk Through Dunwich 

The grey was foundational. Structural. A mottled concrete of cloud lurking beyond the canopy. It was ever present, but unreachable. Lingering, touching all, tuning all colours into a cold sepia frosted with the fuzz of an out of tune CRT. Sometimes, in the distance, its ghostly mass would drift in front of the church steeple.… Continue reading A Walk Through Dunwich