About Me

My name is Hayden, and I write things…

I’m a graduate of the University of East Anglia’s prestigious MA Creative Writing programme, and previously studied a BA at the University of Aberystwyth in English Literature and Creative Writing. I freelanced for a short time after moving up to Scotland, where I am now permanently based.

I picked up a fulltime job in an office a few years ago, and took my freelancing role less seriously. During this period I continued to write voluntarily for n3rdabl3 and Sabotage Reviews, but felt the urge to break out into the world of pitching in the early months of 2017. I’ve picked up my old fountain pen, brushed off four years of dust, and have begun to scribble pitches and poems on offhand pieces of paper lying about my desk.

I tend towards games journalism but specialise as a critic of videogame titles and literature. I was a successful applicant to the Scottish Review of Books course; Emerging Critics. The course has now ended, and I am walking into the wilds of freelancing with new practical knowledge of the industry. The time has come.

Critical Writing:

  • Scottish Review of Books
    ~ published as part of the Emerging Critics program, 2017.
  • White Coffee Magazine
    ~ sadly no longer in existence, ‘White Coffee Magazine’ was an arts/film site dedicated to critical approaches to art, film and other media. I focussed on film, and wrote for Chris for a year or so.
  • Sabotage Reviews
    ~ regular contributor for 2+ years, writing reviews of chapbooks and occasional reviews for open-mic poetry events.  
  • National Collective
  • Cheat Code Central
  • n3rdabl3
    ~ regular (and continuing) contributor to the site for 3+ years, writing reviews, news articles, features and opinion pieces.

Creative Work

  • Published in Print:

    • Popshot
      ~ one poem published for the ‘Love Issue’. Popshot is ‘an illustrated literary magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry from the literary new blood.’
    • Flux Anthology
      ~ a handful of poems published in this collection put together by students at the University of Aberystwyth.
    • Emanations: Second Sight
      ~ a selection of my poems were published in the second anthology to be released by International Authors, which showcases the work of thirty writers from around the world.
    • Black and BLUE
      ~ poem published in CITY; ‘CITY is an exploration in writing of the rich & enigmatic nature of city-life. Featuring new writers & established ones […] The range, variety and formal experimentation of the work is marked by a raw, emotional and honest quality, with a lot of its contributors coming from outside the established literary scene.’
    • 17 Poets Anthology
      ~ published by Eggbox publishing; a collection of poems from the University of East Anglia’s MA alumni – of which I luckily was one!
  • Published Online:

    • The GRIND
      ~ one poem published in issue III; ‘The Grind is a platform for fiction and visual art for Scotland and its diaspora. We publish short fiction, poetry, prose, experimental writing, photography and visual art by artists in Scotland and Scottish artists across the world.’
    • 1NE4OURZERO2014
      ~ two poems published as prints in the exhibition; ‘an exhibition of 40 hand screen-printed poster works consisting of the most considered, inspired and powerful statements, poetic/prosaic lines, comments and ideas concerning the landscape of a post-referendum Scotland as submitted by you; artists, plumbers, engineers, housewives, students and people from all walks.’
    • Ash Sessions – Black, Strong and Sweet
      ~ one poem published; ‘the Black, Strong, and Sweet Poetry Series is a public arts display, in partnership with Nick’s Coffee Company. The 12 poems which have been selected for the series will be showcased in full on the chalkboard at Nick’s, and selected lines from the poems will be displayed on the sides of coffee cups.’
    • #NewWriting
      ~ three poems published online, in collaboration with the UEA MA Creative Writing department.