Clipping the Hobby Tree – Back to Basics

I recently learnt that hobbies can be difficult things.

I like things, quite a lot of things. I particularly enjoy writing – the act of writing – and this started to become problematic. There is so much to write about out there in the world. Books, films, games, politics, history, hiking and walking… and I used to find a way to fit it all in.

Well, maybe not all of it, but some of it.

Life moves in mysterious ways. Unemployment provided me with the time I needed to write the majority of my novel. Part time employment provided me with much needed funds and I still had time to write. Full time employment provided me with… the ability to go on holiday? I jest – I was living on the edge when working part time, living in fear that one day something would break as I wouldn’t have been able to afford to fix or replace it. Full time alleviated this anxiety, and any extra funds helped to pay for trips to see Natasa.

Love happens. Easily the most beautiful and fulfilling experiences anyone could have! I moved out of the shared flat, and moved into a new flat with Natasa – as a couple. Eight months into co-habitation and we still frequently turn to one another; “You know what? We live together now!” It was if we’d only moved in yesterday. Truly, I am the happiest I have ever been.

Along the way I’ve had to put some things on hold. Large things get in the way, and they push out the little things – which then get in the way of the leisure things. I started to panic. I wasn’t writing, because when I sat down to write there was so much – so, so much – that I wanted to write about, and I no longer had the time. I owed n3rdabl3 articles, I owed Sabotage Reviews articles. Turning on my laptop filled me with anxiety.

I had to go back to the start. Prioritise – but prioritise the writing I wanted to do, not what I was obligated to do.

Hobbies are beautiful things when given time to grow. They entertain us, fulfil us, give us direction – and for some of us they develop into careers, or provide us with talents and abilities that we will, one day, find incredibly useful. However, when that time is pulled from under you you have to reassess, prune your hobbies, cut it back to a manageable point and keep it there.

I’ve returned to creative endeavours. I have carved some space out of my evenings for novel writing, and am working through a second re-write of a novel I never finished. I don’t care if it doesn’t go anywhere. I want it done. I’ve pruned off my writing for Sabotage Reviews and n3rdabl3 (but will continue to be streaming for the latter on occasion), and any games writing will likely be published on here or, maybe, on little blogs and sites on the internet.

Reorganising the whole of my novel helped somewhat!

2 thoughts on “Clipping the Hobby Tree – Back to Basics”

  1. So relatable. I am panicked because I ‘should’ be finding more teaching work, and I do need to do that, but I also feel a little bit lost because I’m not reading or writing and those are two of the things that remind me I’m alive. Pleased to hear you’re writing more 🙂

    1. Thanks Beccy 🙂 I guess it’s that transition lots of folk talk about, where when younger you have lots of time and don’t need to think about money, and then in later years where you suddenly have no time and need to think about money. It’s an uneasy transition, and part of that is learning what it is you want to focus on in your leisure time, and what it is that you want to do for work.

      There is always room for writing – even if only for a small amount. Don’t feel bad for not being able to dedicate an hour or two for writing, instead feel good that you found ten or twenty minutes in a day to jot stuff down!

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