Recent Articles Posted on n3rdabl3

I’ve been writing articles for n3rdabl3 over the past few months and generally, whilst good at sharing these posts out via Twitter and the like, I’m appallingly bad at writing them up as a post here on my own site.

That’s likely a side effect of the sharing culture we’ve developed today – when you’re tagged in a post it’s very easy to share that on. Twitter has it’s 140 character limit, so you’re not writing an essay. You’re tagged, you reshape with your own message. You don’t have to pull up a whole page and tap out 500 words.

Whereas here you do. You don’t have to, sure – but firing off simple links on this site will a little bit of wordy fluff attached to them is repulsive to me. This is WordPress. This is a blogging platform. It’s not the click bait edge of Buzzfeed. I come here to read words, discussions, arguements… not to open up posts that contain a link out to elsewhere and a ‘click here for my recent article!’

I hope I never become one of those people.

So below you’ll find a short list detailing my recent writings for the fine chaps at n3rdabl3 – from games reviews, news shorts, to television reviews. Enjoy!







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