WordPress, Back Up and Running

That’s right, I’m returning to free WordPress! Having a site was great fun and I learnt a whole lot from the experience – but it ain’t cheap. Getting a good deal means shifting hosts every year or so, and I couldn’t be dealing with that. Plus, I’m having to be a little tighter with money these days.
I could give halfway. Give WordPress a drop of money for premium service a little ways down the line. That might happen. Right now though I’m happy where I am – back in this site, connected with those who like to read my ramblings. I have a feeling there will be a lot of content in the coming year too.

See, I’m doing that thing I usually do where I say, ‘hey, it’s a new year, time to get my life on track’ and then after a few months it all falls into the sea. Except this time I have my own flat, huzzah! Shared with my love, Nataša. We’re still setting up the place. We need a couple of desks before we can get to work proper, but soon the living room will echo with the tap tap tapping of typewriters and the gentle swirling swish of paintbrushes against paper.

2017 is a whole new year. I hope to jump back into creative writing, to find more time and space for my creative passions. Think less about work, and more about butterflies, treetops, hedgerows and the little pretty things in life. Get out a bit more. Read a lot more.

Here’s to 2017. A new year, full of hope.


4 thoughts on “WordPress, Back Up and Running”

        1. Me neither, it’s crept up on us. The world keeps on turning no matter what we do – but we find ourselves constantly on the edge of new opportunities! I hope 2017 is a good year for the both of us 🙂

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