I Haven’t Posted in a While

… and that’s because I’ve been very carefully constructing my own actual website with it’s own address, self hosted, and all that cool stuff that comes when you throw money at the internet. Wooohoo!

Why am I doing this? I don’t really know. I wanted to see what the back end of a website looked like, to see what options became available once you paid for the DLC, and to be honest – the constricting themes and settings of an unhosted free WordPress were really starting to get to me. I wanted things done in a certain way, and free WordPress crosses it’s arms and says, ‘ah ah ah, you didn’t say the magic word.‘ The magic word is money, of course. Money.

So I’ve slapped down some funds, and I have my own site – which is all tied in with WordPress. I think that means that those of you following me right now can simply switch over to following the new site? Who knows? I’ve only got the basics of it at the moment. You can follow me in this exciting new journey at hayden-westfield-bell.com.

I’ll be cross posting a little bit as I get things up and running, but it’s highly unlikely that I’ll move the stuff from here over to there. I love this place, don’t get me wrong, but this little blog has been a way for me to test to stuff out – to work out how categories and shit like that works. Moving to the new site means new things – of course I’ll be learning new things over there too. Things will change, that’s for sure. Nothing is ever settled.


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