Poems Sent, I’m Still Rolling!

I got back from a break in Croatia a couple of weeks ago, and since then I’ve been picking up the pieces of my life I’d strewn all about my room and have been slowly putting them away in the cupboards in which they belong. It took me a surprisingly long time, from the small things like cleaning, washing and reorganising – to the larger things, like emails, work and coming down from an awesome cool holiday with the girlfriend in the sun oh please take me back there please please please…

Anyway, yes. I’m sending out poems. I’ve been writing more novel. The time away has refreshed my bones, and I’m putting together some poems to read out in front of a microphone despite hating microphones and generally being outside in front of people. I’m trying and trying and trying, and I will get there!

Anyway, here are a few lines!

I calm my shuffling coat
to better hear your muscles
strain against the ferns,
their leaves tickle wooden lungs
where the wind sweeps up
in a long low bellow
like a sad sea moulding a cavity.



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