Does Writer’s Block Exist?

If it does then I’m likely in the middle of it, and if it doesn’t then does it mean that I don’t enjoy writing anymore? It’s particularly difficult when working on longer projects, I’m aware of that (university made me *very* aware of that), but this feels very different.

I’m struggling with poetry, which is unlike me. I tend to always have something to say, even if it’s not particularly inventive. I’ve been lost for words recently, however. I think a big part of this is caused by work. Last week I was full time – working morning through till late evening. I understand that many people writing manage to navigate past obstacles like this, and manage to get stuff done in the evening, but I’m struggling. Coming home from work and trying to jump straight into writing is dreadfully draining, and I’m beginning to see my prose suffering as a result. My characters are beginning to adopt my own mood more, the overall tone of the piece is becoming duller, the situations are becoming more realistic, but far less imaginative.

I think I’ve found a way past this. Sleep. I get home, and I sleep until nine or ten in the evening. When I wake up, I feel emotionally and physically refreshed. I can go through a false morning routine, and then sit down to write. This seems to help, and I’m able to pump out an alright amount of prose quite easily, but the poetry is still suffering.

Writing and reading is intrinsically linked. The one feeds the other, and vice versa. I think the best writers are probably heavy readers – and I’m struggling to find time to read at the moment. I should sit down and dedicate more time to reading, maybe then I would find more ways to express how I feel through my words. The stanzas I’ve found recently have been domestic and oppressive, missing the energy of my previous pieces. So I’m going to try and read more. Next week I’m back on my normal routine, so will have some time in the mornings to read and perhaps go on a few walks.

If anyone has any tips, please let me know? I do feel like I’m struggling at the moment! Help!


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