Observatory Press: A Startup Specialising in Rare Science Fiction

They’re currently looking for backers on Kickstarter to help launch the press, and I think you should drop them some of your spare cash. Rare sci-fi is, unsurprisingly, quite difficult to find. It’s even harder to find pleasant paper copies of said works.

Back in Aberystwyth I remember coming across the Wikipedia entry for Heinlein’s – And He Built a Crooked House – and I just had to read it then and there. I found it online and I loved it. It even crept into a couple of essays. When I finished my studies I wanted to find a nice copy of it somewhere, so I’d always have it to hand. It made that much of an impression on me.

As I said, rare science fiction books in good condition are hard to find.

Heinlein is a huge name in science fiction, and yet, I struggled. It’s a short story that finds itself tucked away in various anthologies and collections, but these are few and far between. What if I had fallen in love with a rarer text? What if I couldn’t find a physical copy at all?

Which is why I’m supporting Observatory Press.

To launch the press they’ll be publishing three works; After London by Richard Jefferies, The Clock That Went Backward by Edward Page Mitchell and The Star Rover by Jack London. The only name I know here is London – the others are completely new to me, which is good right?

They’re going to be great copies too – the folks at Observatory plan to print using risograph printing, on pretty paper, with very pretty covers. The kind of books you want on your bookshelf. The kind of books you won’t want to stuff quickly in your bag. You’ll want to wrap them in a plastic bag first, and lay them on the top really carefully…

So get on over to Kickstarter and give them some money.

What a Cover, eh?
What a Cover, eh?


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