Submissions Calendar Update

Just to say, it’s really coming together! When I started I didn’t have a completely settled idea as to how best to organise the data – setting deadlines as one off events seemed like a great idea initially, and then I realised this is kind of pointless. I personally hate it when I flip over to a new month at the end of the last one, and realised that I have a day or two days to get something massive done. I had all that time before to work on it, and maybe I forgot, and so now I’ve screwed myself over.

So I decided to approach it from a different angle. There are no deadlines; everything is set to a period of time rather than a one off event. So if a magazine is looking for work and the deadline is the 4th of April, and they’re open for submissions now, then on the calendar there will be a huge bar stretching from now through to the 4th. Where that bar ends is where your chance of entering ends.

There are also going to be problems with time zones, and I’ll have to enter some kind of disclaimer for that. I don;t have the time to open up every site and work out the magazines exact location, so if you’re thinking of entering something then follow the link and find out the closing time well in advance.

Anyway! It’s working, or will be working. I just need to make it neat for y’all!


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