Jack & Kat

___Craig said sumthin to me yesterday.
Kat looked up from her phone, the blue blaze of the screen licked at her neck. ‘Wot?’ She said.
___He said we’re all packets of crisps.
Her stare seemed to bore right through him, but he’d seen that look before. It was her Craig-talks-a-load-of-pseudo-intellectual-bullshit look. He tried to think of other pseudo-intellectual dick friends they both had, but no-one came to mind. That look – the sharp eyebrows and wide eyes – was all for Craig.
___He said we’re all like packets of crisps in the local. Load of us are nothing but bags of air, but you never know that until you take them down from the shelf. Feel them a bit. Weigh them against yourself.___ Jack pulled a fag out of his pocket and lit up. ___He says even then, you can’t even be sure what’s inside. You can only really get a feel for ‘ow much is inside. You could spend hours in the store, squeezing fucking packets, but you’d never really know what’s inside until you’ve already paid and opened her up.___
___Craig’s a cunt.___
___Yeah, but-___
___- Nah, serious. No but’s. Craigs the kinda guy that wanders into the local and fucks crisps and doesn’t pay for them.___
___Wait, what? What does that mean exactly?___ Fucks as in fucks? Thought Jack, or fucks as in fucks-up?
Kat sighed, her eyes crept up from her phone. ___Craig goes in to a place and feels up the fucking crisps, but he’s far from delicate about it. It’s like a fucking cannon being fired down the snack aisle.___
___Yeah, but he’s still right, right? That we’re all like crisp packets.___
___He’s a cunt, Jack. He’s a cunt with a voice, and I don’t think cunts have a whole lot of philosophy in them.___
___Alright…___ said Jack, he whipped his phone out from his jeans. The sun cut through the trees with it’s late-year sharpness. The leaves had fallen, and formed a mulchy brown slightly sticky something under the shoe. The abandoned shopping center was deserted this time of year, none of the other kids could be fucked to cycle this far in the cold. He texted Craig; You’re a crisp fucking cunt.


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