An Alternative to Submission Sunday


There was a problem with the idea of Sunday Submissions – that being that many of the deadlines I’d come across were months in the future, which meant that when I came to the next Sunday Submission post – the following Sunday – I’d have to go back to the Sunday post before and comb through all the dates to see which ones were still lives.

I think I’ve found a way around that now. I’ve been playing around with Google Calendar since the beginning of last year. I wanted to get more organised, so I made a personal calendar. Then, when working with the SWC I made a public calendar with their events, which I then attached to their site so anyone visiting could quickly see what was happening then.

So, you know what I think is a good idea? Making a public calendar full of deadline and prize dates. Maybe I’ll throw in a few reading periods and events I come across too, eh? You might have to take some of the created events with a pinch of salt – as deadlines change, and there will likely be some issues with time zones too – but it’s a good idea, right?

I’ll get to work.


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