Edge [Poem Snapshot]

New thing I’m working on:









© Hayden Westfield-Bell


2 thoughts on “Edge [Poem Snapshot]”

  1. This makes my skin crawl, but I think that’s what you’re going for, right?
    Is the ‘it’ referred to in the first line ‘your sex’? It’s a bit ambiguous but I like the idea of an artificial sexuality being this constricting thing which the addressee has to ‘slip on’ for the entertainment of others, well, I don’t LIKE the idea but it seems like a good way of describing a commonplace situation. If that’s the meaning you intended, maybe you could play with this idea even more?

    1. You are correct! It is meant to make the reader feel uncomfortable, and the ‘it’ is in reference to ‘your sex’. The idea of an artificial sexuality is an interesting one, and is something I’ve been playing with for some time – in this poem I guess I’m trying to emphasise the articiality more as a product, as something that can be sold and exploited, than worn – but I’ve been exploring your idea of sexuality as worn in another poem (lots of sexual poems at the moment!).

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