A Special Christmas

This year I was very lucky. I was invited to my girlfriends for the holidays – more specifically, the Christmas period. Initially, it looked as though I’d be unable to go due to work commitments, but after shifting around a few dates and pulling together some funds it became possible. So, my first Christmas away from home, was spent in a small town in Northern Italy.

I know plenty of people who leave the UK in the winter months for warmer climates. They head to Spain, Southern Italy, or go on cruises around exotic islands. Some can’t stand the dark months here – though it hardly compares to the darkness endured by those in other countries, like Norway. Those living here in Scotland have to learn to endure the short days and long nights, and it’s worse the further North you go. I’ve never travelled out of the country for Christmas, or to escape the weather. In fact, I’ve hardly left the country at all in my lifetime. Which made this Christmas trip something rather special.

I didn’t have the chance to continue my Sunday Submission posts during my time in Italy, but we will begin again this Sunday. In the meantime, i will likely be writing up snippets of my adventure here, in small posts. I took plenty of pictures!

Anyway, just a quick post for now – and here, take this:

N. Italy, Mountains


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