‘The Living Mountain: A Cairngorms Journey’ on BBC iPlayer


Rebecca, a good friend of mine who blogs at The Lumber Room, kindly informed me of this lovely little documentary about Nan Shepherd’s ‘The Living Mountain’, which aired on Tuesday night. I gave it a watch a few days later through the wonderful iPlayer, and I’m here to tell you to watch it too.

I haven’t yet read Shepherd’s, ‘The Living Mountain’. It’s been on my reading list for a few months now, but I haven’t wanted to purchase the book online. It’s one of those books I just want to fall in front of me. The kind you look for in book shops but can never find. It gives it even more of a mysterious edge.

I’ll get fed up eventually, and likely buy a copy from the net after a poor harvest from the local bookstores (which never happens – have you been to the second hand bookstores in Edinburgh? Rooms of books on shelves from floor to ceiling). Anyway, here’s the documentary in all it’s glory, narrated by the one and only Robert MacFarlane.

Oh! And go and check Rebecca’s blog out too! I linked it at the start, but I’ll link it again here!


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