‘And the Other Way is Wrong’ – A Tony Zhou Video Examining Fincher’s Filming Style

David Fincher is a name I always look for on the billboards at the cinema. I’ve never been much good at following his work, and have tended to chance upon his films rather than purposefully find the ones he’s directed. I’d see a good film, think; ‘that was pretty awesome, who directed it?’, then find his name in the titles. I’d nod my head knowingly, ‘Fincher, of course, of course!’

Seven got me started, and then when I found out that Fight Club was also a Fincher film I grabbed myself The Game from a local second-hand shop. I thought The Game an awesome film, though no-one else seems to have seen it. Zodiac has been on my ‘to watch’ list for some time now… what I’m trying to say is that I’ve only seen a handful of Fincher’s films but that you really only need to see a couple to get a sense of his directing style.

So maybe you’ve only seen Fight Club and Seven – but that’s all you need to see to appreciate Zhou’s most recent video; ‘And the Other Way is Wrong’. In the video, Zhou concentrates on Fincher’s maxim, ‘not what I do, but what I don’t do’ in relation to drama and dialogue. Like Zhou’s other videos it gives a great, clear insight into the directors approach to film. I love his videos. I can’t get enough. Here it is:


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