National Poetry Day – Reading Suggestions

It’s National Poetry Day! Yayyyyyyy!

Alright, alright so I’m pretty late to the party but I’ve been at work allllll dayyyyy, so haven’t had the opportunity to write anything. I have had the opportunity to read, however. I’ve actually been reading quite a lot lately… and wanted to share some of the poetry things I’ve come across in the last few days/weeks. Here they be:


  • ‘The Charnel House’ by Tom de Freston (et al.): recently finished writing a review of this for Sabotage, and it’s been up on the site from last Friday. I started reading the book a month ago and only finished it a couple of weeks ago. It’s a really powerful, emotional read – and there’s a lot of it. A health amount of poets, a heavy number of pages, and some gloriously twisted artwork. Freston calls it ‘a poetic graphic novel’; and I guess that’s essentially what it is, but better. It’s free to view online, though Freston is also working on hardcopies of the collection.
  • ‘The Undertow Review’Specifically, I’ve been working through issue three: ‘Dreaming in Phosphene’. Contributors include; Tishani Doshi, April Salzano, Moniza Alvi, David Cooke, Allison Grayhurst and Bram E. Gieben. ‘The Undertow Review’ was brought to my attention by Janette Ayachi – and Edinburgh/Leith based poet – who edits the free online magazine. I’d recommend viewing the site on a browser; when I viewed it on my phone, the line breaks occurred in some unusual places and some other parts of the site were shuffled. Well worth reading!
  • ‘High Windows’, by Philip Larkin: A classic. A copy of this came through my door a few months ago – sent to my address by a friend. I read the collection at school, and really enjoyed Larkin’s cynicism. I remember struggling with the symbolism and meanings of some of the lines back then. Now, a lot older, and with a bit more knowledge in my head, it seems a whole lot simpler. The poems are still filled with surprises, though.

I’ll likely write a special something here for ‘The Charnel House’ soon. It was an incredible read, and there are a few things I want to say that I didn’t say on Sabotage. I’ll find some time soon!


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