John Knox Sex Club & 1NE4OURZER0 (& Poems)


Last night I finally got to see John Knox Sex Club. I was meant to see them last year at the closing party of the 1NE4OURZER0/Solar Fields project I was working on with Creative Stirling. The trains weren’t running and the bus replacement service went all round the houses. The last bus back left Stirling super early too. I was really disappointed.

I got to see them last night though, out in Glasgow at the Kinning Park Complex. Richie (lead artist of Solar Fields et al) had pulled together all of the artwork from the exhibition in Stirling and had hung them up above the stage – in keeping with the referendum theme – and he’d put together a little pamphlet of poetry and visual art, in which I was included.

I couldn’t stay long – Friday being a work day – but I managed to see Garden of Elks and really enjoyed Ditchburns poetics. Great words, I’ll have to keep my eye out for him!

Great event, great turnout, that hall got fucking hot fucking quickly, didn’t it? Also, shame about the vote this morning…

Shout out to Stacey Hunter who did the cool digital collage, and Fraser Gray for the awesome fold out poster thing – to Sean Cumming too for the poem. Find them, low them, shake their hands, just don’t be creepy.


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