‘Emanations: Foray into Forever’ and Call for Submissions

Emanations 4

Emanations: Foray into Forever actually came out a couple of months ago and I’ve still yet to get a copy! It’s been on my to-read list, and my to-read list is pretty long. I was going to write about it’s launch a couple of months ago, but I put it at the bottom of my to-do list, and that was also a very long list…

Anyway, Emanations: Foray into Forever has been available for some time now, and it’s still available to purchase over on le Amazon, so if you haven’t got a copy and want to know what Emanations and International Authors is all about or if you’re thinking of submitting to Emanations V, then do grab one of the collections. It’ll give you an idea of what Carter is looking for in submitted work, and there’s some lovely writing in there too.

I’m not in Foray into Forever, just to clarify. I missed the deadline, and didn’t want to submit scrappy poetry, so I decided to polish up my poetic ramblings for Emanations V. Which reminds me – International Authors is now open for submissions to be considered for it’s next anthology; Emanations V:

Emanations is an anthology series featuring fiction, poetry, essays, manifestos and reviews. The emphasis is on alternative narrative structures, new epistemologies, peculiar settings, esoteric themes, sharp breaks from reality, ecstatic revelations, and vivid and abundant hallucinations.

The editors are interested in recognizable genres—science fiction, fantasy, horror, political dystopia, satire, mystery, local color, romance, realism, surrealism, postmodernism–but the idea is to make something new, and along these lines the illusion of something new can be just as important. If a story or poem makes someone say, “Yes, but what is it?” then it’s right for Emanations. Essays should be exuberant, daring, and free of pedantry. Length is a consideration in making publication decisions, but in keeping with the spirit of the project contributors should consider length to be “open.”

Our editorial vision is evolving. Contributors should see themselves as actively shaping the “vision” of Emanations.

Lovely! I best get back to my writing anyhow!


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