Great Video on Satoshi Kon’s Editing Techniques

Edit: Video now inserted! Vimeo can be a pain…

I was up late last night exploring the internet (as is my want of an evening), and I came across this in my virtual stumbling. It seems apt in a way – I, drifting through a morning/late night somnambulance chance upon a short video analysing Satoshi Kon‘s peculiar editing techniques.

If you don’t know him by name it’s likely you’ll know him by filmography. Kon directed Perfect BlueMillennium Actress and the well known; PaprikaI’m not surprised that Kon was influenced by Philip K. Dick – that’s apparent in the themes of his work; paranoia, the construction of personal identity (and for Kon, the relationship between this and the constructed identity of performance), unstable realities, the power and effect of perception and alternative universes (for Dick these were many – subconscious, virtual and real, for Kon these were largely human related – i.e. dream/reality, illusion/reality).

Anyway, it’s a great video; a valuable introduction to Kon’s style. Now make a video about Masaaki Yuasa:




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