Apex – A Section

I found Duncan slumped against a wall in the main corridor. He was covered in blood. It had pooled in the folds of his shirt near the groin. His hands lay cupped near his knees. Evidently, he’d had them against his chest in an attempt to stop the blood flow. It hadn’t been enough. The walls were smeared with signs of a struggle, though whether Duncan had managed to harm his attacker wasn’t clear. I turned to the hallway and squinted down it’s length. I couldn’t see a thing. I reached up to move my hair away from my eyes and noticed my hands were shaking. I felt the blood shift from my fingers to my forehead. I still couldn’t see a thing. Half the lights were out, and the few remaining buzzed in and out of conciousness. I pulled the rifle from my shoulder and pointed it into the darkness. What the fuck was I doing here. What the fuck was I doing here.

Apex is the working title for my science-fiction novel. I’ve been working on it for a while now. Figured I’d share a scrap!


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