VSauce Clarifies the Setting of My Novel

Some of my research.
Some of my research.

On the image: it’s not clear, but at the bottom of the image is a map of North America detailing the cities that would be underwater on an ‘unspinning’ Earth. Other notes include details of weather effects, the speed with which you’d have to travel in order to travel the same speed as the Terminator (solar expression), and other bits and bobs.

VSauce has clarified the setting of my current sci-fi novel.

Not intentionally. I didn’t ask him to, but below you’ll find one of his newest videos outlining what would happen if the world stopped spinning. He takes it from the more dramatic ‘what if it stopped completely all of a sudden’ angle (which would essentially kill everyone), but later in the video he discusses the post-apocalyptic scenario – including weight gain, the movement of the oceans, ionizing radiation and a little (only very little) on the climate.

To clarify, the science fiction novel I’m currently working on is set in a post-apocalyptic environment in which the Earth has stopped spinning (through an unknown slowing, rather than a sudden stop), during which we follow the surviving inhabitants of Earth as they chase after the Sun so as to grow crops and survive.

You can see the video below. A very concise explanation, though I’m not sure whether I’m happy that he’s brought it up! I now fear competition from other authors…


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