Review: ‘Ground Work’ by David Attwooll & Andrew Walton


Over the last month or so I’ve had the pleasure of reading and reviewing David Attwooll & Andrew Walton’s ‘Ground Work’ for Sabotage Reviews. When I say ‘I had the pleasure of’ I don’t mean it in the gentle-mannered etiquette sense, I mean I really really really enjoyed it. Really really really.

The full review can be found at this link, and I highly recommend grabbing a copy! It’s full of sensations, of lights and angles, of the gentle movement of the riverbank under your feet. A really lovely little publication!

Here’s a little bit from the insert:

Ground Work is the product of monthly walks through the course of a year in Port Meadow and Wolvecote Common, an area of uncultivated floodplain bordering Oxford and the Thames. This collaboration between a poet and painter explores different aspects of the character and history of the place; improvises on conversations and memories of two old friends; and most of all responds to the chance events, light, and weather as seasons change.

Lovely, eh?


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