Teething Problems

So apparently I’m still growing. That’s cool, I’m fine with that, and there’s actually a whole number of positives to be had from an extra bit of height. There are negatives too, though, and I’m not talking about the hitting-your-head-on-low-ceilings kind. Basically, I’m on the thin line between healthy weight and underweight. Again, that’s alright, I guess I’m cool with that, but I’ve noticed that I’ve been slipping further and further towards the latter. Think Steven King’s ‘Thinner’.

I was always a thin kid, a bony kid, and even when I was shorter than most of the kids in my class I had a kind of gangliness about me. My parents figured I’d bulk up when I went off to university; most people do. I didn’t. Again, it wasn’t really a problem, I heard rumours that sometime in the mid-twenties your body kind of does a weird hormonal slowing down thing which tends to make people bulk up. Turns boys into men and girls into women, or something. I was holding out for this to be true (whilst a number of my friends hated the idea of it) but I’ve yet to experience this body-oddity. Maybe it’ll come later? Who knows?

What I do know though is that I can’t really wait out any longer, so I need to find some way of bulking up on a vegan diet otherwise I’m going to have to jump ship and go back to vegetarianism for a bit. I don’t really want to do that (I ate cheese and eggs on my birthday last week and, whilst away last weekend I ate vegetarian to see what my body would do. It wasn’t awfully bothered – but I felt bothered). So I guess this is my way of saying if anyone has any ideas I’m all ears.

I’ve never really had to actively engage with veganism, my body has always been pretty good at letting me know what I need and when I need it. Then again, I’ve always been on the thin side, so I guess my body just doesn’t quite know what I need in order to gain weight. I need to teach it a thing or two…


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