A Few N3rdabl3 Bits

I’ve been writing for n3rdabl3 for some time now; news stories here and there, a couple of reviews and an odd opinion piece. I realised the other day that I haven’t actually said much about it here on the blog (though I throw it about social media all the time) which is a little strange considering I’ve basically off-loaded all of the gaming news/articles/reviews etc I would write on here to that site.

I’m still planning to write up my Morrowind experiences (more on that in another post, something quite dramatic happened), but if you’re keen to keep up with my gaming wisdom (or lack of) just head over to n3rdabl3 and browse around – let me know what you think about the site and my writing, good or bad it’s all helpful!

Here are a couple of articles I really enjoyed writing:

Banished Review


Where modern builders are moving away from intricacies into generalities; where modern gaming is being altered by ‘casualisation’ (i.e. ‘Farmville’), promoting style over content and graphics over gameplay, Banished goes the other way: Promoting careful, methodical approaches with thought-inducing game play. A fantastic game, developed by one person (yes, just one person). Go and buy it.

True Detective: Season Summary

True Detective

So what does this all mean, really? It means that I think True Detective is a series about narratives, philosophies and theories, how they mingle, interact, and how people create (and sometimes become obsessed with) the meaning they create. We make choices, sure, but sometimes we make the wrong choice. Like Rust, perhaps we decide to turn to the bottle after failure when we really should have stuck to it, then later when we’ve succeeded we look back to the very beginning and realise it was right there in front of us, and all we needed to do then was take one little step and we would have had it. Occam’s Razor.

Game Expo Scotland Site Now Live

Game Expo Scot

“Having separate zones, each with a distinct flavour to them, really helps gamers get the most from Games Expo Scotland 2014,” said Magdala Media founder and GES 2014 creator Rowan Mackie. “Where else can gamers in Scotland come and get the best indie games alongside next year’s biggest releases? And each zone has something absolutely perfect for all types of gamers too.”

Also, I’ll be attending Game Expo Scotland as press – so if you’re planning to go or are going hit me up!


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