[Poem] Neknominate


I’m a consumpter,
consumer, a Millennial
dripping faucet
polished with the finest
shower supplies
and you’ll know me.

You’ll remember
the name not printed
on the bottle-tops
or labels liquid-spilt
cracked with the hollow laughs
of a night in the pub.

We’re the pissed and trembling;
the dead-drunk dawdling
heavyweight empties
that bristle in the night,
yelling your name to the sky
as if in prayer.

But tonight, darlings,
I’m staying in for a brew
but I’ll do myself up
for the camera and down
a jug of incoherence;
swirl of alcoholic inconsistency.

Cos I am the one who knocks
over the TV when I collapse
in the living room – laptop whirring
with my biggest achievement,
my last words a Facebook slur
of fame and fortune.

© Hayden Westfield-Bell, 16/02/2014


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