I’ve Been Busy: ‘Coin Opera 2: Fulminare’s Revenge’

I’ve been writing a piece on the relationship between video games and poetry with a strong focus on Sidekick Books’ Coin Opera 2: Fulminare’s Revenge (ed. by Jon Stone and Kirsten Irving – not Kieron Gillen as the title suggests – and that will be changed no doubt shortly) for Arcfinity – a digital quarterly about the future from the folks behind the New Scientist, if you’re not already familiar with the magazine.

So go forth! Explore my words! And tell you what you think in the comments section of the article – I think I’d like to do an additional article at some point that explores the poetry of and within video games, because I couldn’t find the room to discuss the other side of the coin (ha ha, see what I did there) in this particular article.

And yes, the blog theme keeps changing, mainly because I can’t make my mind up, but it might also have something to do with me wanting to shift things around and keep them fresh every month…



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