Cool News; Getting Published and Other Stuff.

If you pop over to this link you’ll find Black and BLUE’s yet-to-be printed magazine CITY. I covered Black and BLUE’s first issue in a piece somewhere on my blog and thought it had some ace content. Since then I’ve been trying to get published in the magazine, and with great pleasure I can tell you that you’ll find me in CITY, which comes out on the 11th November.

black blue

Black and BLUE are also looking for donations to help fund the print and keep the magazines going. With the financial environment as it is it’s difficult for everyone out there, but it’s been particularly harsh on small presses and poetry magazines – especially the upstarts, who don’t have a strong subscriber base already. So if you want a copy, pre-order one and maybe drop a couple of pounds into their Paypal to help them out?

What is really cool is that in this issue they’ll be featuring a number of billboards by Robert Montgomery, which look a little something like this irl:



Magic. Also, I’m current on a writing trial with a large games website, and am churning out material daily for them (none of which has made it up to the site yet, but it’s only been a day or so). When my info goes live then I’ll tell you all what’s been happening and where it’s all occurring, but for now I’m going to keep that card up my sleeve.

OH! And of course, I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year! This time I’ve started on day one and am keen to hit the 50,000 word limit. Lets see how it goes, eh?


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