Hayden Westfield-Bell – 3 AM


Black, Strong & Sweet Poetry Series



3 AM
I wake to the wind
clawing at the gaps
between the window
and its frame. I roll over,
nuzzle into your shoulder
and try to sleep but
I can hear it whipping
the trees into a frenzy
of leaves and I’m jealous.
I want to roar.


Describe your style (this could be limited to your writing style, or style, in whatever sense of the word you’d like to conceive it in, and how that relates to you as a writer).

I don’t really like talking about my own style, but here goes!

I think my style is a bit like a small tin of maple syrup. I realise that’s an odd observation to make, but to say something like ‘my poetry is intense, yet minimal’ seems a little oxymoronic. I tend towards domestic scenes; a couple arguing, small children playing whilst a parent watches, or flatmates…

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