Solstice (Poem)

Draft, as always 🙂 Oh, and don’t forget to vote for me (deadline is tomorrow!).



I feel the quiet
beneath my feet.

The clouds above me
laze in a series of shapes
that appear relaxed,
laid-back and steady
with the rhythm of my feet.

Heat rises in whispers
of blurred yellow
from fields of bronze;
the crisp corn creaks
in the dry earth, and,
as crop gives way
to canopy I see ahead
leftover shards of timber,
the smooth trunks

The ground curls
with the crunch of dead leaves
and as I pause for water,
sitting on a trunk,
I watch the rabbits
poke about the pines.

© Hayden Westfield-Bell


2 thoughts on “Solstice (Poem)”

  1. I like the impression it’s beginning to give: quiet beneath your feet and the heat rising in whispers. More like this…?

    1. Yeah – I love the delicacy – I’m trying to bring more of that out in words, but I’m finding it difficult at the moment. I think I’m going through a kind of writers block at the moment, nothing’s coming out right!

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