Jus’ ta let ye know – the ‘Black, Strong and Sweet’ Poetry Series hosted by The Ash Sessions has been up and running for some time now, there’s some brilliant brilliant poems appearing on this site and if you pop into Nick’s yourself then you could find yourself walking away with your coffee in a warm cup of poem.

Creative Stirling‘s 3rd Zine has been launched and you can view it here. I can’t confirm or deny that I had any involvement in the magazine ;P

You can find some of my handiwork here, albeit, in the form of work writing, which leads me on to this…

I’m working on a project that’s currently taking literary-style submissions. It’s called 1NE4OURZERO2014 and you can find more about it on these Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter (@14Zero2014) links. Send us some stuff, we’d love it 😉

I’m having lots of ideas but don’t have the time for writing at the moment, which is a shame! Heavy week!

Anyway, here’s a picture:

Arthur's Seat
Arthur’s Seat

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