Just a Quick One

First off, you can find a few of my writings at White Coffee Magazine, more specifically I did a couple of reviews for Complianceand Stalker.

I’m one of the featured poets of the Black, Strong and Sweet poetry series over at The Ash Sessions. What this means is that my poems will be on disposable coffee cups at Nick’s Coffee Company, Ranelagh.

The series runs from May, and will feature numerous poets on coffee cups, chalkboards and also online on a blog I don’t have a link to yet (there’s plenty of time, don’t worry!).

You can, however, find a bit more information in this interview I had with some fellow colleagues at Creative Stirling. (I told you I scored a paid internship, right? Man, too much too fast…)

I’ve also been kicking around the odd event or two for work but also for pleasure – Yes Campaign meetings and the Independence Debate at Aye Write.

My heads stewing with ideas at the moment, so expect poems soon…


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