Sheepskins (Poem)

A fresh cut here-and-now of this moment lotta words broken into lines for your sweet sweats and reading pleasures.


He said
I fucking –
I fucking have had
enough of this shit
and I’m leaving,
yeah, yeah
I’m leaving because
is sex
with drugs
and you’re more
than everything
at critical mass,
a kind of
of cock-ups and cunt,
a backtrack
through broken bottles
down an alleyway
without my shoes
yeah, yeah
so I’m all-in
-cold, the lonely seesaw,
the single swinging
swing over hot tar
so take your
skinny fists
and grind
the bones
and brush
your teeth
with those genes
so tough and steady,
yeah, yeah
flip the tables
and smash the
tables and hit
the tables and
ever enough,


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