Not sure what’s got into me today. I wrote a thousand words this morning, and I just sat down and wrote another solid thousand of something that just came out of the blue. Here’s a little bit of it…


Below the name was printed: ‘Personal Services’ along with a telephone number. On the rear of the card were details of those he could ‘serve’. He read her lips as she mouthed the words to herself.
____‘I’d serve you,’ he said, helpfully.
____‘Looking at this, you’d serve anyone,’ she said, throwing the card at him and slumping down on the side of the bed. ‘So who slept with who?’
____‘As in, who initiated the transaction? Who bought whom? Who served whom?’
____‘Yeah,’ she said, scratching her head. There was beeping outside; the sound of afternoon traffic in the city. Bright sunlight crept through the curtain in sharp yellow rays lighting the dust that danced around the radiator. She wanted a cigarette. He wanted whisky.


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