TPB AFK is now up in full on Youtube.

In fact, it’s been up there for some time already. I got around to watching it last night, and it was very interesting. Very interesting.

There are various different uploads with different subtitles etc so you can appreciate it in the language of your choosing.

The film is very Pirate Bay specific (understandably) and one of the main topics that gets thrown about at the beginning is this idea of whether copyright is a good or bad thing. They all have different views about it, though it’s never really gone into in full – I guess that’s for other documentary/films to explore – like that of The Corporation. Nevertheless it would have been nice of them to step out of specificity and explore the depths of copyright and corporations a little bit more.

It makes sense to post TPB and AFK beside The Corporation, as they (arguably) delve into the same issues, so here it is:


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