A Small Moment

Small things make my day.

I just popped over to a Pound store to grab some cheap batteries and, upon being served, I handed over my one pound piece and the batteries were handed back to me.
____‘Would you like a receipt?’
____‘Yeah, sure – why not.’
____The machine whirred and she handed the receipt over to me, ‘here’s your receipt, and your change.’
____I turned the receipt over in my hands. Change? What change? I looked back at the girl behind the counter expectantly.
____She looked back at me. I looked back at her. A short queue formed behind me. Then it came to me – I’d bought an item worth a pound, I’d paid a pound, therefore I wouldn’t receive any change. I smiled, then laughed. She laughed too – also realising her mistake in claiming there was change.
____‘No change,’ we both said in unison. Then laughed again.

I smiled all the way home.


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