I’m in Edinburgh!

Edinburgh, (from experienceenglish.com)

A successful move by train! I bet you didn’t see it coming (actually, I bet you did, as I think the mainstay of my viewing figures are from friends on Facebook…), but I am indeed now based in Edinburgh. The Athens of the North as a friend kindly informed me recently.

So what happens now? I try to find a job. I try to fight my way on stage at Open Mics and Poetry Readings (which I am not. Quite. Yet. Ready. For), try to meet some fellow poets, investigate freelance writing, see if there are any editorial/writer-y jobs kicking around out there, maybe engage in some journalism, help university students with essays (if I bump into any), charm my way behind the counters of bookshops and try to re-engage politically.

That’s right. I’ve moved up here without a job knowing less than a handful of people, which some think is a silly move (and it might well turn out to be) but I consider to think of as a gamble, or, even better, an investment.

Nevertheless, that is my excuse for the drip-and-drab nature of my posting in the last week/two weeks, but as I’m currently unemployed (but seeking work) I will endeavour to post more regularly and extensively.



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