‘Badly Wrapped Presents’ at the TATE MODERN

Next month at TATE MODERN: Internationally renowned artist Hayden Westfield-Bell presents ‘Badly Wrapped Presents’ alongside Tracy Emin’s, ‘My Other Bed’ and Hirst’s, ‘Un-fished Fish’.

A taste of things to come… ‘Badly Wrapped Presents’ by Hayden Westfield-Bell

‘There is a kind of cognitive dissonance,’ said Hayden, in a recent interview with SOMEGOODARTMAGAZINE, ‘in the act of wrapper and the unwrapper, as well as dissonance between these two parties. When we are given a present we attempt to guess what lies beneath the paper in which it is housed – then, when the present is opened and, if the unwrapper has failed to guess what lies beneath then we find ourselves in a brief moment of uncanniness. It is this uncanniness as presented through the gifts housing (think also of das unheimlich as ‘un homely’) that which is both home and yet is not – that is incredibly important in my work. Also, through the purposeful purchasing of gifts that are hard to wrap, I like to think I’m questioning the relationship between labour-as-money and labour-as-time. If it takes more time to wrap a present, and the material to wrap the present costs more than the present itself, does this upset the nature of giving in modern, capitalist culture?’ It is, then, an art defined not only by it’s concept, it’s context, but also through the act of wrapping and unwrapping.’

In order to gain entry to TATE MODERN in January, patrons will first have to unwrap the building.

‘It’s an extension of my art into the world beyond the gallery, a kind of meta-art that, rather than extending into itself, extends out. The idea that visitors will have to unwrap the building to gain entry to the exhibit is very exciting. I would like to thank TATE for allowing this extension of my art.’

We are very excited by Hayden’s artwork. It will be on show in early January for a month in conjunction with ‘SHITE: Art from the Void’.



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