Emanations: Second Sight! And Other Cool Things…

Emanations Front Cover

Emanations: Second Sight is out in the US! You can find it on Amazon, and it should be available on Amazon UK sometime in the near future (though, I’ve noticed some lucky bugger is selling a copy already… I don’t even have a copy yet!). It’s a good four hundred pages long and ‘ showcases the work of thirty writers from around the world’ including me! I don’t yet have my own copy yet, so I can’t really say much more than it’s there – it’s out – it’s on the net – its available to purchase – but when I do get a copy I’ll give it a good going over. A review over at Amazon US suggests that Marleen Barr is in there, and a quick glance on Wikipedia (oh, how I LOVE Wikipedia) has really got me excited!

The anthology is edited by the one-and-only Carter Kaplan, and contains illustrations by Bienvenido Bañez, Jr., Troy C. Frantz, Terrance Lindall, Kai Robb, and Dario Rivarossa

Also, don’t forget that the UEA 17 Poets (and the other anthologies) is/are now available on Amazon and Eggbox too!


Also, whilst I’m here, I might as well tell everyone I’m taking part in NaNoWriMo this year. I say taking part, maybe I mean trying to take part – it’s slow going, and I’m super-duper far behind, but I’m really enjoying it. The whole idea of a deadline, and the feeling of community is really pushing me on. I’m hoping that I’ll hit a good pace soon – and my plan for my day off tomorrow is to try and play catch up. Let’s see how many thousands of words I can get done in a day, eh?

Here are some sexy things I’ve come across recently:

Hominid: Scary, creepy, awesome, amazing; whatever you want to call it, I know I can’t get enough of it. Amazing use of technology.

andregonzagadalata on Fllickr: I’m loving these distortions – finding faces in the commonplace or the bruised, the broken, the feral environment pleases me. I used to love walking around abandoned buildings and old castles. Places that have crumbled from their completion have such a strong sense of space – in both the physical, and the emotional. They are a kind of concrete weeping, an ‘unsettlement’ of place. The whole sense of unheimlich bleeds through in those places. Wonderful.

Impossible Pie: Caught my attention when a recipe for it fell out of an old cookbook at work. I thought ‘where are the cooking instructions?’ and then realised that that’s precisely what made it an impossible pie…

Robert Montgomery’s Billboard Art

Robert Montgomery: Is a god. End. Of


Anyway, I have got loads and loads of writing to do… but I’ll leave you with the UEA’s INTO doing Gangnam Style:

Oh, and eyes open for Chomsky in this:


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