Back Back Back Home.


Fresh-faced early-morning (actually 12 o’clock lunchtime) Hayden, back-worn from a nine hour train journey taken yesterday. Where has he been? Edinburgh, hence the lack of posting last week, but now I’m back with new experiences, stories to tell, and thoughts to put into action. Taster?

Attending a reading by William Letford & Alisdair Gray followed by a chat With William concerning performance and confidence,
Room 237,
Rosa & Ginger,
By Leaves We Live Book Fair at The Scottish Poetry Library,
Woody Allen,
Long Train Journeys,
Scottish Architecture…

Etc. etc.

But before I start working my way through these things, and other things, first off I just want to say that trying to blog on a smartphone is horrendous. I don’t know how other people do it. What I do know is that, if I am to leave my home for a time longer than a week without bringing my hunk of a laptop then I need to find a good bluetooth keyboard. Texting or swyping a reply to an email is NOTHING like typing – there’s no significance to your action. No feeling to the writing itself. It would be like reading a poem without tasting the words in your mouth. A surreal experience.

PS: Emanations: Second Sight seems to be bubbling away nicely… (nevermind the ‘avaialable’, I think Carter just got a little overexcited =P).



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