Short sharps…

… shards maybe.

Essentially, Facebook is selling out, so I’m going to try and move what I do there, to here.

Thing is, I love quick things; a share here, an upload there, three lines found in glance at a puddle. Quotes, a shard of wisdom found in a book, the shape of a tower block. Facebook used to be great for this, as did Youtube, but now we find ourselves accompanied by Coca Cola and Comet, long advertisements and suggestions I just don’t want. It’s getting ickier privacy wise, eg: ‘[…] That also means that when you visit another site with Facebook-enabled social applications, from Like buttons to Open Graph apps, even though you’re a logged out user, Facebook still knows you’re there, and by “you,” we mean specifically your account, not an anonymous Facebook user. ‘  ‘[…] Keeping your Facebook info private is getting harder and harder all the time—mostly because Facebook keeps trying to make it public.’ Now, I don’t go around posting things willy-nilly or use many apps, but I find the fact that it’s happening and that others may get caught out unawares disturbing.

So expect sharp shocks, short sharps, a couple of knocks a day. A sneeze, hiccups of creativity, the yawn of a cat. A cemetery at night.

Nevertheless, there are logistical difficulties (I need to get used to coming here, rather than going there) so give me some time.

So lets go, okay?

‎’Struggling to sense
in a body of leaves
– fallen in an Autumn
that crisps;
an embarassed red.’


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