The Delayed Post

You know what’s funny?

When you begin a post with ‘what I wanted to put forward, quickly’ and then it turns into a 600 word mind-bender of a topic that you know you won’t finish writing about until it’s gone four in the morning.

Anyway, might as well post a taster:

‘And this is the thing for me, the crux of violence and war, the belief that certain individuals have that  they are right.

Religion is an extreme version of this belief in being right; a version that propagates the idea that there is something beyond death. When someone believes that there is life after death, and that in order to access that particular life they must destroy the lives of those that worship false prophets, then they will be more likely to put their life on the line than others.’

Expect the rest in a day/few days – might throw in a few poems between them, but at the moment its heads-down-thumbs up with uni work, again…

For the time being, here are some interesting links.



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