Whilst I’m Here… Experiments in Form

I’m tired.

I’m working on a presentation for a seminar on Wednesday that navigates through Rushdie, Plato’s Republic (2,3,10), Julia Kristeva’s Ethics of Linguistics, Eudora Welty’s Must the Novelist Crusade, as well as others, oh so many others…

Anyway, find attached a couple of .pdf’s of some things I’ve been fiddling with:

Sisyphus ~ reads from the bottom up (hence the title at the bottom)

Essay Poem Draft II ~ took an old essay of mine, and tried to find a poem in it by blacking out words, and applying colour to the text to link letters, it’s something that still needs a good amount of work (I’m working on one that uses a page of Barthes Death of the Author, it’s great fun).

Also; snippet from something else:

‘The stars fuck
while we sleep.
dripping fingers
slipping in that wash
of hungry hugs.
crunching ‘gainst hard walls.

Shrieking, tough
knocks to the shoulder
and bites below the ears
where the bruises
will shift from blue,
to brown,
to black.’


4 thoughts on “Whilst I’m Here… Experiments in Form”

  1. Is the poem at the end one that you wrote, Hayden? It actually stole my breath 🙂

    1. Would you like your breath back? =P

      Yep, it’s been kicking around in my head for sometime and that’s the very beginning of it… as in, as I wrote this post last night it just ‘came up’ and so I wrote it down…

      It needs moulding and whatnot, I think, and more! Lots more!

      1. Yeh sorry absurd thing to say but I couldn’t work out how else to describe the feeling. It happens when I read poetry sometimes 🙂

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