Job (ish) & LinkedIn & Twitter & Facebook

I’m currently working part-time at a new, awesome cool, book warehouse near my home. It’s part time, but when combined with the part-time of my MA it doesn’t leave me with a great deal of time for blogging and all that lovely jazz.

Give me another week or so to get used to it – I’m still planning/working on the stuff I said I was/am working on, it just might take a little longer… I’m standing on edgy ground!

In the meantime, feel free to find me at these spaces (if you want more frequent slices of thought):


Twitter – (coming back to this and am still not used to it – used infrequently)

Facebook – (your best best, I’m always jotting stuff down on Facebook. WordPress always makes me feel like I have to write down something whole, Facebook is scraps, ephemera, quick interests and things that catch my eye. Subscribe etc).

Also, well done to fellow poet Mona Arshi on winning the Magma Poetry Competition. pat on the back for me for a 68% on my first portfolio of poetry (which I was FREAKED about, seriously, I put some dangerous things in there…), some fantastic writing, some AdHacking Poetry and Pop-Up Libraries.


2 thoughts on “Job (ish) & LinkedIn & Twitter & Facebook”

  1. Firstly, jealous of your job (I’m currently working part-time at Sainsbury’s). I’ve been trying to be published in Popshot for aaaages. They don’t like me. Congrats on your coursework. You don’t know me, but I was thinking of doing the MA you were doing until I discovered the one I’m actually doing (Creative Entrepreneurship at UEA London). I’m soon going to be getting down to the actual fun, creative bit – writing poetry – and cannot wait! I miss having the feedback from workshop sessions, it would be really useful!x

    1. Keep trying! =P I’ve submitted a few things to them over the last year (maybe two years), but I just kept sending things and reading the copies that got sent my way to get a ‘feel’ for the poetry – luck has a great amount to do with it, I think, but I don’t know…

      Good stuff on choosing London! It’s a good place to be studying anything because there’s so much going on around it – if you fall in with the right people, ask the right questions, and find the right places then you can find some really cool quirky things happening there. London doesn’t sleep. I plan to spend some more time down there for readings and things, now that I have money – lots of the current MA’s at the UEA are based in London, and they tell me about all of these awesome events happening and I hate that I am not there to be part of them!

      If you need feedback, then I’d be happy to take a look – although, I’m having a heavy week this week (presentations… heavy reading… etc) but I like looking at other people’s poems – I don’t read nearly enough poetry…

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