The ‘Living-Room’ Spirit

Reinvigorating the ‘Living-Room’ spirit. Oh nostalgia, I’ll have you always.

The ‘Living-Room’ Spirit

There’s warmth beneath
the bed sheets; propped up
with rudimentary supports –
sticks from the garage,
and leftover poles
from broken gazebos.

We’re giggles galore,
stumbling over sofa
cushions to compare
the blankets stuffed
between fat hands,
tying ropes from poles

to tables, to shelves,
to expensive televisions
lounging on faux –
pine furniture, and she’ll
come home and shout
at us, but it doesn’t matter

because we’re cats,
and we’re pirates,
and we’ve got torches
and stickers, and sails,
and swords, and forts,
and glow-in-the-dark stars.



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