Draft poem, this one needs on hell of a lot of work… I thik it might be one of those dump-and-run sorts that I wont look back at for years!


They say we live in the now,
but I still remember the comment
you made about that school one of your
friends used to go to, and when I
pass it; it is as if I have walked
through your shadow – a fleeting
then in the now – as alive as it
were two years ago.

It’s easier for you: sharing words
in new places, new friends, new
drinks on the blackboard above
the bar. You’re pushing on through empty
spaces, avoiding the crumbs you
drop behind you (there just in case) –
and you think you are happy, but
you’ll come back at some point

and then you’ll feel them; those shadows
looming on the path outside the pub
we used to hang out at, or sitting beside
you on those park benches, colliding
with you on the beach, and if you’re
not as cold as I think you are then
you’ll scream, wring your hands, empty
your bank account and leave.

But I’ll still be here,
learning to let those echoes
slip through my fingers
like sand in an hourglass.


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