So it began with Blogger…

Then I moved to Tumblr…

And here I am at WordPress.

If you’re wondering what my reasons for quitting the other two blog-hosting sites were, then you’re going to have to keep wondering because I’m not going to tell you. Anyway, I don’t expect to move from this space any time soon – besides – I think I’ve exhausted most of the popular blog-hosting services now, they’re probably glad to see the back of me – just another run-of-the-mill writer with too much time and not enough fame/money/talent to mock up a real website with fancy headers and amazing whooshy animations.

Did I really just say not enough talent? I guess you’ll have to make your own minds up about that…

You know what I hate about these sites? They do that awful thing Word 2007 does when you press enter and it automatically adds a line above the new paragraph, making it look like you’ve double tapped enter when you haven’t…

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