A Walk Through Dunwich 

The grey was foundational. Structural. A mottled concrete of cloud lurking beyond the canopy. It was ever present, but unreachable. Lingering, touching all, tuning all colours into a cold sepia frosted with the fuzz of an out of tune CRT. Sometimes, in the distance, its ghostly mass would drift in front of the church steeple. […]

I Haven’t Posted in a While

… and that’s because I’ve been very carefully constructing my own actual website with it’s own address, self hosted, and all that cool stuff that comes when you throw money at the internet. Wooohoo! Why am I doing this? I don’t really know. I wanted to see what the back end of a website looked […]

I Watch People Playing Videogames

… which is apparently a weird thing to do, according to a popular American comedian who has his own show in the US. I keep a keen eye on the Kotaku UK site for gaming news and deals and such, and chanced upon the articles discussing Kimmel’s criticisms and subsequent YouTube backlash, and the whole […]

Fringe Poetry Events Added to Calendar

It’s the Fringe! Which means the city is brimming with events, including the poetic – so I’ve added a few to the calendar. This is by no means everything, and there’s no way I’m adding everything, because I wouldn’t leave this desk for a week if I were to do so! Anyway, check it out […]

Poems Sent, I’m Still Rolling!

I got back from a break in Croatia a couple of weeks ago, and since then I’ve been picking up the pieces of my life I’d strewn all about my room and have been slowly putting them away in the cupboards in which they belong. It took me a surprisingly long time, from the small […]